Installing the license

The license will be supplied as a .zip file containing the license installation helper apps/scripts (sxlic.hta/sxlic.js) and the license file itself (sxlic.mlf).

You will also be supplied with your unique license identifier (GUID) and revision and these are also coded into the installation helpers.

The zip file must be unpacked to a suitable location on a local drive (for example c:\scriptx); mapped network drives cannot be used. Please note that for all recent versions of Windows Server and typical configurations, you will need to right click the .zip file, choose properties and then click 'Unblock' before doing this.

  • When ScriptX 32-bit Edition is installed, run sxlic.hta (double click) to install the license. Click "Yes, allow" on the license acceptance dialog. A notification of successful installation of the license should then be given.

  • When ScriptX 64-bit Edition is installed, run sxlic.js to install the license. This can be done by double clicking the file in Explorer or, preferably, by running it from a command prompt:

    C:\scriptx>cscript sxlic.js


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