IIS 5/5.1

Before making the changes discussed here, the server should be rebooted (or the IIS Process stopped and restarted) to ensure that the ScriptX Components are unloaded from the IIS Process (IIS caches used component DLLs).

Application Protection

The ASP worker process will run under either the IUSR_<machinename> account (medium protection) or IWAM_<machinename> (high protection). These accounts must have "Log on as a batch job" rights and must also have permission to launch DCOM servers and access DCOM servers (in particular the "MeadCo TriPrint Server" object - DComCnfg can be used for this).

After changing the protection level and appropriate configuration with dcomcnfg.exe it is suggested that the validation kit tests are run again to ensure successful operation.

Note: If the tests fail with the error "Unable to create ActiveX Object" the most likely cause is that the IUSR/IWAM accounts do not have "Log on as a batch job" rights or do not have permission to launch DCOM servers.

In addition, the account used as the identity for the "MeadCo TriPrint Server" object must have DCOM access permissions, at this stage this can be achieved by adding INTERACTIVE to the Default access permissions list - however, see "Running ScriptX Printing under a specific user account" below in this section for additional configuration.


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